Running Mittens

When it's cold outside, you need protection. But, you also need the use of your fingers. Don't let the cold stop you from completing your winter workout. TrailHeads has just what you need to stay warm and keep your hands functional in our feature-packed running mittens selections. 

We have several styles of combination running gloves and mittens for men and women. The mitten top keeps you warm, but flips down when you need the extra dexterity of gloves. When you want to use your phone or camera you can easily switch without freezing your fingers! With 4-way stretch fabrics and reflective accents for enhanced visibility these mittens are here to perform!

We also offer women’s running mittens with recycled insulation - our warmest hand wear option. While this mitten doesn’t switch to gloves it does have touchscreen compatible  fabric on the forefinger so you can still stay in touch! All our mittens allow you to do more!

And we have a variety of hand warmers which are great for everything from fall runs and walks to staying warm at your desk while you’re planning your next winter adventure. 

Choose gloves and mittens that fit your style in colors and performance fabrics you'll love. From lightweight options to ward off the chill to insulated running mittens the TrailHeads gloves and mittens collection gives you choices no matter what you love to do.