Men's Mittens

When you wear a pair of men's mittens from TrailHeads you are ready to take on the day! Debating between gloves and mittens for your winter exploits? You know mittens keep your hands and fingers warmer, but if you think you have to give up dexterity when you wear them, think again. 

We offer two styles of convertible mittens for men which give you the best of both worlds. You get protection from the cold and the versatility you need to use your hands with ease. A simple switch from mittens to gloves is all it takes. 

You'll be impressed with the features the TrailHeads men's mittens offer. With our convertible gloves enjoy touch screen compatibility for easy phone use. Reflective accents give you an added layer of safety. The handy brow wipe keeps moisture and sweat at bay. With our convertible mittens enjoy Polartec Power Stretch Pro fabric and the switch to fingerless gloves which gives you even greater freedom for your fingers. Great for photographers, dog walkers and anyone else who needs a good grip while they’re out and about!

TrailHeads collection of mittens for men gives you the advanced versatility you need no matter what Mother Nature throws in your way.