Men's Running Hats and Caps

Set your goals then set your cap!

Our Men’s Running Hats collection is designed for a life spent in the great outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a cap that will keep you dry through a perspiration inducing road race, one that will keep your skin and hair safe from the sun, or one to help you remain visible working out in the dark, we have an option to suit you!

In designing our running hats for men we strive to find the right materials, features and fit to satisfy men on the move! We’ve gone beyond the basics because we know what you truly need from a summer cap- portability, protection and comfort!

We carefully select performance materials that breath to prevent you from drowning in your own sweat. We seek out lightweight technical fabrics so your cap never becomes an encumbrance. We add reflective elements that keep you safe while remaining stylish. Our men’s running hats are low profile and unstructured so no matter your head size you get a fit that feels right for you! 

We know that the right cap helps you spend more time outside, whether that’s a quick run through the park, or a hike through the mountains. At TrailHeads you’ll find the running cap that fits for your adventures.