Healthy Eating

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by Patti Garland

“Tis the season to be jolly”…….falalalala……Deck the halls with lots of veggies……falalalala

Magical snowmen, singing carolers, spending time with those you love…those are all traditions of the holidays.

Why not add to those traditions a few healthy holiday food practices…like:

When you are going to a party…eat normally on the day of a party and make sure each meal is full of dark green leafy VEGGIES!

Dark green leafy vegetables are the dream team for preventing overeating.  They signal your body with the feeling of “I’ve had enough.” If you’ve ever had an espresso or a piece of rich dark chocolate, you know that a little bit is usually enough.  This is from the effect the bitter flavor has on your body.  So…fill yourself up with dark green leafy veggies.

Next…eat lots of roasted root veggies. (I like to offer to bring these to the party.)

You can easily satisfy your desire for sweets by piling your plate with sweet roasted root veggies.  Do this and you will naturally satisfy your desire for sweetness in a wholesome way.  So why not create a healthy fix for those sugary dessert cravings by soothing them with earthy roasted root veggies?

Life is to be enjoyed and there is so much pleasure and freedom that comes from living life healthy…just keep your portions in check, eat nutritiously, and enjoy your healthy life.

Wishing you the healthiest of holidays….

Patti Garland, AADP, is a certified health coach.  She is the owner of Best Healthy Methods and New Milford Curves.