Ponytail Balaclava for Women

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Style features

  • Ponytail Compatible
  • helmet Friendly
  • 4 Way Stretch
  • Recycled
  • Light Weight

Ponytail Ski Mask For Women - Adrenaline Series

  • PONYTAIL BALACLAVA - a slot style ponytail hole at the back of the balaclava allows you to pull your hair through. Ponytail opening is suitable for a low ponytail and won’t interfere with helmet placement.

  • HELMET FRIENDLY - fits comfortably beneath ski, cycling, and equestrian helmets.

  • 4 WAY STRETCH - the hinge design allows for complete face coverage. Wear the ski mask up to protect your ears, nose and cheeks from the cold, or pull it down when you’ve warmed up. 

  • CONTOURED CUT - balaclava offers full neck coverage and can be tucked into the top of your jacket or sweater to lock in warmth. 

  • SUN PROTECTION - wear the face mask up to protect your skin from the sun on bright winter days.

  • SUPER SOFT - the poly spandex fabric blend is incredibly soft against the skin. 

  • MATERIAL - Black balaclava -  83% Recycled Polyester, 17% Spandex. Heather Grey balaclava - 90% Recycled Polyester, 10% Recycled Spandex. 

  • CARE - machine wash cold on a delicate cycle and air to dry. 

Ready for the Slopes or the Streets

Our balaclava for women is the helmet friendly accessory you need to complete your winter gear. 

Say goodbye to the itching and discomfort of having your hair crushed against your neck while wearing a balaclava. With our innovative ponytail balaclava you can pull your hair back and out of the way. The hood has a subtle slot style ponytail hole at the back of the neck. It is perfect for a low ponytail that won’t interfere with the fit of your helmet and It closes completely when not in use. 

Our women’s ski mask is lightweight enough that you can comfortably wear it beneath snug fitting ski, cycling and equestrian helmets. The hinge design allows you to pull the front of the balaclava up and down with ease so you can have the level of coverage you want, from a full face mask to a helmet liner or neck warmer. 

It is easy to get burned on winter days when the sun is bright and reflecting off the snow. Wear the balaclava with the face mask up to protect your skin from harmful uv rays while you’re enjoying a day of skiing or snow shoeing. 

Our balaclava for women can also serve as a breathable runner’s mask. The fabric is stretchy, moisture wicking, and incredibly soft. Perfect for your winter workout!

The contoured cut of this pullover mask ensures full neck coverage. It is long enough to tuck into the neck of your jacket or sweater to keep out the cold and lock in warmth. 

The fabric incorporates recycled materials for a more eco-friendly way to stay warm outdoors this winter. 

And care is simple. Machine wash on a cold delicate cycle; air dry and it’s ready to wear again on your next adventure, whether that’s a run down the block, or down a black diamond trail on your ski trip.

What is a ponytail balaclava?
A ponytail balaclava is a winter accessory designed to protect your head, ears, nose and cheeks from the cold. It has an opening at the back where you can pull your ponytail through. This improves comfort by getting your hair off of your neck.

What are balaclavas used for?
Balaclavas are used to protect your face from the cold and elements during numerous outdoor winter activities, from down hill skiing, to running, to completing winter chores like snow shovelling. Wearing a balaclava can also protect your skin from the sun since it offers a lot of coverage when worn as a face mask.

Do balaclavas keep you warm?
Yes, balaclavas will help to keep you warm. They are designed to be a lightweight, breathable layer that will fit comfortably beneath a helmet and provide coverage for your nose, cheeks and ears. You can layer them with a thicker neck warmer if more protection is desired.

What is the care for my balaclava?
Machine wash cold on a delicate cycle and then air to dry.

Will this balaclava fit me?
This balaclava works best for people with head circumferences between 22.5-24 inches.

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