Convertible Mittens For Women

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Style features

  • 4 Way Stretch
  • Reflective
  • Extended Cuff
  • Magnetic
  • Convertible
  • 20°+

Women's Convertible Mittens

  • VERSATILE - Convertible mittens switch to fingerless gloves in seconds; mitten flap tucks away in storage pocket, freeing your fingers for taking photos, texting, etc.

  • MADE FOR MOVEMENT - 4-way stretch Polartec Power Stretch fabric provides flexibility and protection in cooler weather, making these women’s convertible gloves a great choice for active use.  Note: these convertible mitts are not suitable for extreme cold weather wear.

  • MAGNETIC - Unique, hidden magnets secure thumb flaps when not in use.

  • ADVANCED PERFORMANCE - Silicone grippers on palms enhance dexterity. Reflective safety strip for extra visibility in the short days of winter.

  • CARE - machine wash cold on a delicate cycle; air dry.

  • MATERIAL -  32% polyester, 62% REPREVE® recycled polyester, 6% spandex

Feature-filled and ready for everything!

Enjoy the warmth of mittens and the versatility of gloves with our TrailHeads Power Stretch convertible mittens for women. 

Our convertible mitten takes the chill off in cold weather and gives you the agility you need to enjoy your time outdoors. Perfect for running, or simply spending time outside when cool weather hits, our women's convertible gloves give you the freedom to use your fingers for taking photos, changing your workout playlist or texting your running buddies. 

With these fingerless gloves you have the additional ability to free or cover your thumb, a feature particularly prized among photographers and dog walkers. On each hand there is an innovative hidden magnet that secures the thumb flap when you’re not wearing it so it doesn’t get in the way. 

Made from 4-way stretch Polartec Power Stretch Pro fabric, our convertible fingerless gloves for women are ideal protection in cool weather. Less bulky than insulated layered options, TrailHeads women's convertible mittens provide just the right amount of warmth for cooler temperatures. 

With an extended cuff your wrist is protected. On the palm there are silicone grippers which make it easy for you to hold your camera, phone, or keys. A set of clips mid-cuff allow you to keep the gloves paired when you’re not wearing them. 

The backs of these black mittens have a reflective safety strip. Silver in color, the accent is subtle, providing a stylish touch in the day, and helping you remain visible when you’re working out at night. 

A popular choice from our collection of running gloves for women, our convertible mittens for women give you the features you need to get out and enjoy your day even when the temperatures cool down.

If I am between sizes, should I size up or down?
If you measure on the border between a small / medium or a medium / large, we typically recommend sizing down. The material has a lot of stretch to accommodate varying hand sizes and a snugger fit tends to be warmer.

What is the temperature rating for these convertible mittens?
We recommend these women’s convertible mittens for temperatures 20 degrees and above. Keep in mind these mittens are designed for aerobic use and our temperature ratings are made with a moderate activity level in mind. Non-active users may want to consider handwear with more insulation. Everyone has a different level of tolerance for cold. Some users may find these mitts work for temperatures above or below our recommendation depending on personal preference.

What is the purpose of mittens?
Mittens tend to be warmer than gloves because in a mitten your fingers share body heat whereas in a glove they are separated. The downside to a traditional mitten is the loss in dexterity. Our convertible mitten gloves are a great choice because you get both warmth and function.

How do I care for my convertible mittens?
The best care for these convertible mitts is to machine wash cold on a delicate cycle and air dry.

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