Trailheads Sponsors Last Sandy Hook 5k and Reaches $10,000 in Total Donations

Mar 5th 2019

Trailheads Sponsors Last Sandy Hook 5k and Reaches $10,000 in Total Donations

TrailHeads has been a sponsor of the Sandy Hook 5k for the past 4 years. The race was run for the final time this summer on July 21st.

All the proceeds from the Race were donated to the chosen charities of those who lost loved ones on 12.14.12. Over the years TrailHeads has contributed to these donations through the sale of special edition hats, headbands, gloves and other Sandy Hook 5k logoed merchandise. Stephanie Raftery; co-founder of TrailHeads, noted, “This year we reached a milestone, having donated over $10,000 through four years of sponsoring the Race. Helping people to overcome challenges of all kinds is central to our brand’s mission so we’re delighted to be able to contribute to this cause and we’re thankful for the experience we’ve had working with the amazing team of volunteers that makes the Race happen.”

Race Director Julie Brunelle stated; “It was by chance that while attending a road race in Trumbull in 2014, TrailHeads was there with a product table.  I inquired about whether they do custom items and was thrilled to hear the answer ‘Yes’! Over the next 4 years, we worked with TrailHeads on custom mittens, gloves, headbands, long sleeve shirts and multi bands for our race.  Comments every year from our race participants were how much they loved the custom products, as well as other items sold by TrailHeads before our race and also on site on race day. Fast forward 4 years, and over $10,000 dollars were donated by TrailHeads to the Sandy Hook 5K, allowing us to donate that money to charities.  We could not have asked for a better partner to work with and are eternally grateful!”

Though the race has ended, Sandy Hook merchandise is still available on and TrailHeads will continue to make donations for every Sandy Hook product sold.

Much warmer than all of the previous Sandy Hook 5ks, the 2018 race ended on a warm and sunny note. The race was won by Ryan McNeary with a time of 17:35 and first place for the women was taken b y Linda Spooner with a time of 19:58.

For TrailHeads it was a pleasure to have worked with the race for the past four years; through blizzards, and cold Spring mornings, always seeing the support and love of the community. Our team would like to thank the organizers and our fellow sponsors for making the event a success and all of the runners for showing the world that ‘love runs through’.