Healthy Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Flowers and chocolates may be the traditional way to show love on Valentine’s Day, but why not consider a gift that is both heartfelt and heart-healthy? That’s the way TrailHeads is approaching the holiday of love this year, with three active sportswear items for women that that will help strengthen your bodies and your relationship.

Instead of warming up by the fire, take her on a winter run and let TrailHeads’ Ponytail Headband do the warming. Proudly made in the USA, this headband ensures a secure fit and is made with a moisture-wicking fleece that will fend off the elements and keep her dry. A signature “ponytail loop” – only found at TrailHeads – will keep her hair pulled back and out of the face during activity. This gift has the added bonus of matching any workout wardrobe, with styles available in red, pink, high visibility yellow, black and a variety of other colors.

 Ponytail Headband

If she prefers to venture out a night, the Snowflake Ponytail Hat is a great option. It also features the ponytail loop and a reflective accent circles the hat, so visibility is prime while taking on the trails at night. Also made entirely in the United States, this hat comes in black fleece, with the option of pink or silver accents.

 Snowflake Ponytail Hat

Finally, for the girl who’s a serious fitness fanatic, show you love her motivation with the Hyper Reflect Power Ponytail Headband. Made with lightweight, breathable fabric, this headband resists wear and water during a vigorous workout, is machine washable and available in berry or grey. The snug contour fit offers complete ear protection and is ponytail compatible, with a “whirlwind” accent that provides reflective visibility in the dark.

Hyper Reflect Power Ponytail Headband

Whatever her health preference is on Valentine’s Day, show your support with a gift from TrailHeads. Find these three styles and others online at